The life of musicians

How do musicians really live their lives?

Do they all live an extravagant life or do they just live a normal life?  Some do, some don’t.  What you will find is that most successful people are humble. Take Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Warren Buffett. They all live a humble life. Warren buys second-hand cars for God sakes. One of the things I always found is that you got to start with the customer experience and work back with technology.

Musicians are very crafty, creative, visioner and they deserve to earn good money because let’s be honest with ourselves. What is life without music? It is meaningless. When you switch on some great melody, some Beethoven, Bach or any other great, the mind will relax so much that you will feel like you are in a different world.  When we went to London in 2010, we forgot to book a cab. Back then, there was no Uber and we had to go to google and were fortunate to find a great family run cab company

What we need to do is support them by purchasing their music and not downloading them for free.