How to book a taxi from Malta airport and how much does it cost

The best way to travel in Malta is by taxi.

A record-breaking number of tourists are visiting Malta and it’s not hard to see the reasons why. The island is surrounded by miles of azure water in all directions which are among the cleanest in the world. With it come long sandy beaches and a colorful marine life that makes its sea beds a top diving destination. It boasts of medieval towns and pre historic temples which are among the oldest in existence. There is also the cuisine which is full-flavored Mediterranean using vegetables in season, homegrown fruits, and fresh cuts of meat and fish.  Combine them with year-round sun and warm, friendly locals and you’ll know why it’s in many travelers’ wish list.

taxi service at the malta airport

The gateway to the island is Malta International Airport which has one of the most scenic airport approaches in the world. To get to your destination afterward, you either have to take public transport, avail of a car rental, or book a taxi. Riding a public bus means sharing your transport with other passengers arriving around the same time as yourself so it can get cramped. As for airport car rental, it is typically pricey which means less money to spend on your trip. A good middle ground is to hire a taxi which can take you anywhere in Malta in roomy comfort without costing an arm and a leg.

You can book a taxi service from the airport in Malta upon exiting the arrivals lounge. There are taxi booths where you may buy tickets at a fixed rate to ensure that you will not be overcharged by the driver. The rate is determined according to the length of time you will use the taxi or the distance of your destination from the airport. The details of the standard fares are viewable at the booths. After paying, you will be given a ticket for up to four passengers and reasonable luggage which you will present to the taxi driver waiting in line at the stand. Licensed taxis are recognizable with their white paint and taxi sign with black text on the roof. Their registration marks are also painted in black on the doors of the driver and passenger sides.

If you are headed to the capital city of Valletta for its museums, palaces, and grand churches, you need to shell out 17 euros. A trip to the walled city of Mdina with its ancient winding streets and ornate buildings, or to neighboring Rabat with its archaeological site and catacombs, will set you back 21 euros. For lounging on a large sandy beach and dipping in shallow water in Golden Bay, you have to fork over 29 euros in fare. A taxi trip to the picturesque fishing village of Marsaxlokk with its wooden boats painted green, red, yellow and blue is computed at 15 euros. Then there’s Paceville with its nightclubs, bars, and restaurants which will cost you 20 euros in cab fare.

It is also possible to pre-book your taxi ride from the airport using your phone, laptop, or any device with Internet access. Call or book online like in, and a pick-up taxi service will be waiting for you outside of the arrival area. Even if your flight arrives late, the driver will stay and hold a sign with your name on it so you will know whom to approach as soon as you arrived. You will be riding a black taxi that personally collects per service request order. It also has fixed rates for specific distances that you can check online. This kind of cab service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.